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October /November 2016

Winter is definitely upon us! We can’t believe how fast the weather changed, and how cold it has started getting! We hope all of you are staying bundled up this winter season!

·      * CERT Training Begins at LSW office; November 7 @ 3:30pm
·      * Life Skills Wyoming CARF Survey; November 17& 18
·      * November 18 SUPERHERO Prom Young At Heart Senior Center
·      * LSW celebration of Employment and Volunteerism; November 30 @ 4pm
·      * Christmas Party;  December 20 @ Santa Fe Trails
October was disABILITY awareness month! Our Community Integration group has focused in on learning about the different kinds of disabilities that are out there, and a few interesting facts about some of them. They have done some really fun and different activities. For one of them, they had the opportunity to be blindfolded, and had to try to find their way around the dayhab room, to give them an idea of what it’s like to have a visual impairment/disability.
Our annual Halloween Partywas 10/25/16 at Santa Fe Trails. We had a few fun games and activities, as well as music and dancing, while we ate.


Life SkillsChile CookOff                                     

spoon                                     Judge Anne
October 27th                     Hot!!


        Kids got 1st Place
We have resumed our children’s cooking on Wednesday’s! We are going to hit the cooking season off with a “chili cook-off” competition on October 27 at 4pm. This will be a friendly competition between a few different program areas, and our homes! We are excited about this event, and look forward to trying some of the best gal’ darn chili of the season!
With cooking starting, we are looking forward to working on recipes that might be a little bit more challenging, and will require more than just one or two steps! We would love to see some of your loved ones favorite recipes that they would like to share with the group! Please DO NOT send anything that contains any kind of peanut or peanut oil, due to allergies! If you have any questions about our Children’s cooking on Wednesday’s please contact Trista or Chris at 307-362-6422.
Picture1Now that Special Olympics Bowling is behind us, we are moving our focus back to swimming, basketball and track activities at the Rec Center in Rock Springs. This will help us get a jump-start on getting back in shape, and fine-tuning our skills to remain on top! As dates for both state and area games are announced, we will get them to you!


State Bowling Games in Casper, Wyoming October 5-7 were successful! Our Sweetwater County athletes brought home many wonderful medals and ribbons! They all did a fantastic job, and displayed fantastic sportsmanship and support to one another! Please be sure to congratulate these athletes as you see them around the community for a job well done!
1 CARF Our CARF accreditation is just around the corner, and we want to hear from YOU!  Please share your favorite story and/or memory of Life Skills with us!! You can send them to Logan via email at, leave them on our Facebook page, or swing in and do a wonderful video message with Rebecca! There are so many wonderful and inspiring stories and memories out there that we would love to have your

                          Dance Class!
dance                                              With ROCK ACADEMY
CERT Our annual CERT training with the ever-fabulous Dave Johnson, and Judy Roderick will begin on Monday November 7, 2016 at our Life Skills Wyoming Office.  We are always very excited to have them join us, and sharpen our skills and knowledge around these possible events!

CandyCaneOur Christmas Partyis scheduled for December 20 20163-6pm at Santa Fe Trails. As we have grown, and continue to grow, our group is big enough that we are looking at having to choose limited meal options. We are still working with Santa Fe Trails; to put together something that everyone will enjoy, so stay tuned for a flyer with more information! We are most excited about having everyone together to share in the holiday spirit, and spend the time around everyone we care about! We are looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office and talk to Trista at 307-362-6422.
Bonnie1We would like to take a minute to introduce our new Assistant Director, Ms. Bonnie Hughes. Bonnie has been with Life Skills for 4 years, and has brought so much light and love with her to our organization! She is our “tech queen” and can fix just about anything we break! We are all very excited for her, and are thrilled that she is taking on this new role within our organization! Be sure to congratulate Bonnie for this advancement and exciting new opportunity.
Andy.July2We have recently started a “staff of the month” to spotlight our hard working staff members. The staff members of the month are voted in by fellow staff members and are recognized for their hard work and dedication to Life Skills Wyoming.  In July, we recognized Mr. Andy Moreno. Andy has been a wonderful addition to our staff, having only been here for several months. He brings great talent and skill with him.


Ms. Baylee Bluemel was staff of the month for August. Baylee is incredibly light hearted and fun, and is willing to jump in and help, no questions asked! Baylee recently joined Rebecca in our front office, and is a wonderful addition to our office!

Kimberly Duran, was featured for September’s staff of the month! Kim runs our work crew. Not only does she continue to find work and keep our folks working hard, but she makes sure our customers are happy with the work being done. Kim has been a wonderful member of our Life Skills team for 6 years now!

 Mrs. Patty Schoenwald was voted for staff of the month during the month of October! Patty works out at Equality Ranch, and does a phenomenal job with the ladies that work out there, as well as taking extra care of our ranch animals. She is sure to put a smile on your face, and is definitely a go-getter! We are beyond grateful for the hard work, and dedication displayed through each of these hard working individuals, and love having them be a part of our team!

Eye On talent…

John Jensen

                                                            Ethan Rogers

REMEMBER:November 18 SUPERHERO Prom at Young At Heart Senior Center
Get your costumes and prepare for Fun!!!
Tickets at the Office  1 person $25   
                                     couples $40
Winter Edition 2015/2016
 “There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do.”                                                                                                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                  Temple Grandin
Greetings and Happy New Year! It seems hard to believe that it’s already 2016!! Time fly’s when you are having fun! The last few months of 2015 were jam packed with awesome, fun filled activities and adventures!

We are CELEBRATING our 10-YEAR ANNIVERSARY this year! Thank you to all of our wonderful friends, families, and community members for all of your love, support, dedication, and loyalty! We could not have done it without you!
We are still raising money for Special Olympics!                     
A portion of the money raised will go toward purchasing new uniforms for our athletes. We are also starting our fundraising for our 2016 Jackalope Jump. Our 3 annual Jackalope Jump is scheduled for 4/9/16 at 11am in the parking lot of the White Mountain Mall! To make donations, or register a team, you can visit the website at Jumpers are encouraged to start their own team as soon as possible! There are awards for most money as a group, most money raised individually, and biggest team jump! Team Life Skills will be immense this year, returning to defend their “biggest team jump” title J! 

Our annual “Friends and Family” party night is scheduled for March 4, 2016 at WWCC in the atrium from 6-8pm. We are hoping to really bring the heat this year!  The college will be providing us with the catering of a delicious meal, ($15 per person). We are very excited to have a unique and exciting raffle this year to include some very wonderful prizes (so be sure and bring some $$$ with you!!) All of the funds raised by this raffle, will be donated to Sweetwater County Special Olympics!! In addition to our scrumptious meal, there will be some adorable and talented entertainmentfrom dancers at The Rock Academy, run by Courtney Joy and Stephanie Staley! If you are interested in dance classes for your loved ones, THIS is the place to BE J!! In celebration of our 10 Year Anniversary, we plan to have a party out of this WORLD! Be sure to be there and or be square!!

We held our annual Super Bowl Party, Sunday, February 7 2016.  There were games, and of course a few friendly bets being placed! We had tons of fun and most of us were thrilled that the Denver Broncos won the game. The game was amazing! Way to go Denver!

This year we will be hosting our first ever cookie bake off contest! Each of our houses, as well as children’s services have chosen a flavor of their choice, and will be entering their delicious treats into the contest where Jana and Anne will be the judges! There will be prizes and awards for everyone!
This year one of our goals is to extend the reach of our Children’s Services Program and to provide them with more rewarding and purposeful activities to partake in. In February, we will start volunteering at the White Mountain Library a few days a month! However this is just the beginning! We will soon be visiting the Senior Center among other places, and through that, be able to make a difference in the lives of others! Stay tuned for more upcoming and exciting information! Any questions, feel free to contact our office and ask for Trista J (307) 362-6422.

Before we get to all of the good stuff, we first would like to announce that we are in the process of switching phone providers, and with that, we have a new office number (307) 362-6422. This brings exciting new features, and will help everyone to be directed directly to the person they would like to talk to, a lot quicker than what we have done in the past.  Be sure to listen to the greetings and take note of the extensions!
January 29 2016, Logan was kind enough to send myself as well as 2 of our persons served to Casper, Wyoming to attend an “Autism Awareness” Conference, at which Temple Grandin, and her mother were guest speakers! It was astonishing to listen to her testimony and learn about Autism from their perspective! They shared with us ‘what its like to think in pictures’, and Temple and her mother are both incredible women, both of whom we admire deeply!
 “ The best part of the conference was learning about all 5 of our senses a little more in depth. She taught us a little bit more about how they work, and explained to us that if you pay attention, we never really use one sense without the other! They are all connected and work together. She had us do an activity where we had to balance, and stand on one foot. Once we mastered that, then we had to close our eyes and try to balance. It was really hard to do with our eyes closed! It was a great example of how things work together. She also gave us an example of what a “movement break” was. She had us pat our heads, clap our hands, stomp our feet, and high five the neighbors around us. When we did this, she explained that it was a fun way to let go of some of the sensory overload, have a little fun, but kept us moving and it was something we really liked to do. I am very excited that I got a chance to meet people similar to me, and who could relate and understand some of the things I experienced growing up. ”-Mary Corners

We want your BIG IDEAS! If you have any information on new and exciting events and activities, trip ideas or suggestions, we would love to have them! If your loved one is itching to get out and do something, please LET US KNOW! We want to make all of those DREAMS COME TRUE! You can put your great ideas on our web site under our blog.
Our Community Integration group has been hard at work raising money for the Tree of Sharing, Humane Society and of course Sweetwater County Special Olympics.
So far we have raised $287 total, and have divided this three ways! Because of their hard work and dedication, we were able to sponsor 2 kids from the Tree of Sharing and purchase EVERTYHING on their lists! It’s a humbling experience to know that we are able to give back, and make a difference in the lives of others.


Our Thanksgiving Feast at White Mountain Library was DELICIOUS!! Thank you to all of our Life Skills Families for helping us to make this a huge success! It was a mind-blowing experience to hear everyone share what they are most grateful & thankful for!

Our 2015 “Masquerade” themed promwas a colossal success! It was a pleasure to see everyone’s beautiful faces.  Everyone was dressed in their finest, and they busted out some of the best darn dance moves of the west!! This years prom King and Queen was awarded to our very own Billie Jo Jean King, and her prince charmingMatt McKeever! Mr. Brandon Myers, and Chantyne Lester took home the “Best Dance Moves” for hitting the dance floor with all they had! Our very own ‘Best Dressed’ went to Mr. Carl Mayberry and Ms. Ronda Anderson, while Ms. Taunya Sloat took home the “Best Hair” award, as her style was “over the top!” We want to send out a special “Thank You” to Wanda Bobo and Jeanine Cox from the Young At Heart Senior Center for donating their facility to us for this wonderful event! We also want to congratulate all of our award winners! You are all amazing!  

Our Christmas in January Christmas party was also a hit! Everyone enjoyed the idea of having the Christmas Party in January after our original party was canceled due to the beautiful, yet dangerous snowstorm we had around the holidays! The party was filled with lots of fun games and activities, everyone was pleased to enjoy the company of one another!


CERTJudy Roderick and her assistant have been back in the building, offering us Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) training again this year! You can never have too much of this training, and information! Everyone thoroughly enjoys this training, and they always come prepared, ready to ask the best questions! We want to send a very, very special Thank You to Judy for all she does for us! She always goes above and beyond.

The Wednesday afternoon “Cooking at Peachwood” for the kids has been an IMMEASURABLE success so far this winter! It sure puts a smile on my face to see them bring recipes that they found at school, and ask if they can be made! We’ve even had a few individuals and families inquire about attending on Wednesdays because they just have so much fun! My good friend, colleague, and fellow “Team Captain” Christopher Fletcher, has done a wonderful job assisting me to make this successful! A gigantic “Thank You” to him for all of his hard work and dedication to this project!
Big Thanks To Murdoch’s

MurdocksI’m writing this article to tell everyone what an amazing job Murdoch’s has done for Life Skills and the Humane Society. They have supported us in our fundraising efforts for the Humane Society.  Murdoch’s has also rocked it by letting us do   fundraising there as well, as Special Olympics and Tree of Sharing. With Murdoch’s support, we were able to raise enough money for the Tree of Sharing to give two children everything on their wish list. Murdoch’s has also donated over 20 bags of dog, cat, horse, and many different kinds of food for the animals at the Humane Society. Murdoch’s thank you so much for all you do to help us out in our fundraising.
Life Skills Wyoming

JunoJuno’s Corner
Hi Guys! It’s sure good to be back, and have an opportunity to visit with all of my four-legged-furry-friend fans!! I hope you all had a safe, happy and warm holiday season! Mine was spectacular! I am sure most of you pay close attention to Groundhog Day, but for those of you that don’t… the groundhog did NOT see his shadow, which is said to mean that the spring season will arrive early!! That makes me want to prance around in circles, and bark at my mom! I sure cannot wait for spring! Make sure you are keeping your four legged furry friends warm in this weather! Make sure that you are making sure they have adequate food, and water and that it is not frozen! We want to introduce to you a new section that you’ll see in the newsletter from time to time!
Message from Jana & Logan
LoganjanaHello Everybody!  We are introducing a new section in our newsletter that will pop up from time to time.  Jana and I can’t tell you how thankful we are to be a part of your lives.  Your trust and respect means the world to us.  We continue to work each and everyday to provide the best service possible for those we serve.  WE love watching our people grow, evolve, and succeed at new things.  It is truly inspiring. Life Skills is not a company to us, it is our FAMILY.   Jana and I get the luxury of working with exceptional people, whom we care about a great deal everyday. Whether you have been part of the family 15 years or 15 months we are excited to have you as part of the “Fam".  As we evolve we continue to want to create new and unique opportunities for those we serve.   We will be unveiling some of those in the New Year.  Please know Jana and I are as available as ever, if there is anything we can do please let us know
Logan 307-389-6579
Jana 307-389-8964

Eye on Talent

My Talent 
            By Rebecca Whitehall 
My talent I have is baking, and cooking. I was taught in years by the best of all my mother- in-law Nita Whitehall, My ex hubby Troy mother she was from Canada.  She was French Caniadian, me and Troy lived with her for about 3 years. I was with her for breakfast, lunch, an dinner. I pick her technique she never use measuring cup. She use her eye. I was taught, and her ways. I love my mom-Nita, She is up in heaven, bless her heart. She had a big Family she had 6 kids and her husband John to Take-Care. Make-sure the were feed. She said she didn’t know how to cook, but she learn preety quick.

Nick Leosco                                                        
                                                                                 Anje Shaw                            

·      Jackalope Jump 4/9/16 11am White Mountain Mall… Start your TEAM today!
·      Friends and Family night March 4 2016 6-8pm at WWCC atrium
·      St. Patrick’s Day Party – March 15 at the Library
·      Prom 2016 – SUPER HERO THEMED!!!

October 2015
“I drop kindness pebbles in still water everyday, and I watch the effect they have on other people’s lives. My favorite kindness pebbles are compliments. Drop a compliment and watch the ripple affect that it has in your life.”- John A. Passaro

Every year the Wyoming Governors Council holds the “MEGA CONFRENCE” in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They offer a lot of workshops and information regarding waiver services. They also hold a nice banquet dinner, and hand out “Bright Star Awards” to families, businesses, and individuals with disabilities whom have done an outstanding job making a difference in the lives of those we serve. This year, one of our very own, Mrs. Susan Bell, was nominated for the Bright Star Award for working with her daughter to find her passion and purpose in life. Congratulations, Susan!

What an exciting few weeks we have had! Our Special Olympic Bowling athletes did a wonderful job at the state tournament! Everyone did exceptional, and had a lot of FUN!! Congratulations to our Sweetwater County athletes, and THANK YOU to all of our fans, families and biggest supporters!

State Special Olympics Bowling Games in Casper, Wyoming

12Fall is among us! We hope all of you have enjoyed the cooler weather, and the back to school season! Our calendar has stayed pretty jam packed with lots of really exciting and fun activities that have taken place, and we have more to continue to look forward to!
Upcoming Events
·      CERT training will return in November Mondays 330-430pm LSW Office
·      Thanksgiving Pot-Luck November 13, 2015 White Mountain Library
·      Life Skills Wyoming Christmas Party December 22nd, 2015 Santa Fe Trails

We have had the pleasure of having our Rock Springs Fire Department spend the last few weeks with us, providing us with fire safety training. They brought their fire simulator down to our office, and our persons served were able to take a crash course through what a real fire might be like, and how to better handle and evacuate in that situation! It was a wonderful opportunity with a lot of wonderful training and insight to handling emergency situations! We would like to send a huge, and very special “Thank-You” to the guys at our Fire Department.
13Our forever loved and adored Dave Johnson and Judy Roderick have returned to our office forCERT training! They returned to our office on Monday afternoons from 330pm to 430pm. This is a wonderful opportunity that we have, that teaches both our staff and persons served not only how to respond in community wide emergency situations, but what they might be able to do to help others that might be injured. These guys have been awesome, and are truly a part of our Life Skills Family! We are super excited to have them come back!!
This year our annual Halloween Bash took place at the Train Depot from 3 to 7pm, downtown Rock Springs. We had a “spooktacular” time playing wonderful games, and participating in awesome activities! We enjoyed some yummy pizza and other Halloween snacks! Check out the WONDERFUL costumes!! 
This year, we will be hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner potluck for our wonderful Life Skills Family at the White Mountain Library from 12-3pm! Life Skills will be providing two scrumptiously, well cooked turkeys for the dinner, and will be sending home sign-up sheets for dinner sides, and of course dessert! If you have any questions, please contact Team Lead Hope or Michele by contacting our office at 922-8543!

10 December 22, 2015, we will have our AnnualChristmas Party at Santa Fe Trails from 3 to 5pm. We always look forward to this time of year, and enjoy being surrounded by our one of a kind Life Skills Family. Nothing quite warms the heart, like seeing all of their beautiful, smiling faces!! We tend to bring quite the crew with us to these functions, and would like to send an extra Thank You to Chris and Kathy at Santa Fe Trails. They always come through and make sure that we are given exceptional service and have a hands down wonderful time at their restaurant. We will have the opportunity to order a meal off of their menu, so please make sure you send your loved one with money if you wish for them to purchase something to eat.
Recently 2 of our persons served were able to celebrate their success with purchasing and moving into their very own brand new home! These gentlemen worked day and night to build their credit, set a tight budget and saved every spare penny, to e able to buy their very own first home! We are incredibly proud of their hard work, dedication and stride of independence that they took to be able to make this dream of theirs come true! Congratulations gentlemen!
Eye on Talent…

Math Dragon, John Jensen

                      Mission Reprieve, Ethan Rogers

Michelle Lopez

“I like to read Twilight books and Edward and Jasper and the moves and it is aisome.

My Job and Cod and the game and the Noon Moon and James and Jakeup and Bella.”

Juno’s Corner
Hi Guys! Juno Here!!
I can’t believe that Halloween is over and then onto the holiday season! I hope your staying busy, being safe and of course keeping warm!
With the colder months approaching us, I would like to share with you some guidelines to aid in keeping your furry four legged friends safe, and warm during these winter months. I helped research and retain this information at
-       For my four legged furry friends that spend a lot of time outdoors in the   
        winter months, it’s important to remember that they need a little extra food 
        supply. Trying to keep and stay warm, will deplete their energy faster than 
        usual, so it’s important to make sure they have the extra food to keep their 
        energy supply up.  
-       Make sure you are checking their water supply frequently to ensure that your 
        four legged furry friends aren’t stuck trying to get a drink of water from a 
        water- sickle! Also, use plastic bowls to contain their food and water bowls as 
        our tongues can stick to metal during the freezing months.
-       Did you know that the rock salt and other ice melts that you might use for 
        your walkways and around your home, can irritate and hurt their paws. Please 
        make sure your wipe our paws off when you let us in to warm us up! If we get 
        to it before you do, and lick it off, it can irritate our mouths as well! They do 
        sell ice melts that are pet friendly, they are a little more expensive, but they 
        are better for our paws!
-       Last but not least, please make sure that your four legged furry friends are 
        provided with a dry, draft free shelter that is big enough for them to go in to 
        sit and lie down, yet small enough to hold in their body heat.  They 
        recommend that the floor is raised a little bit, off the ground, and that it is 
        lined with cedar shavings or straw, to help hold the heat. 
That’s all I have for this month, folks! Have a safe and happy holidays!

Summer Edition 2015
    “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with
      some passion, some compassion,some humor, and some style.”          
                                                                                                                                        -Maya Angelou
Hi guys! What a beautiful summer this has turned out to be! I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine, getting gorgeous tans, and of course staying hydrated!  Summer months are the busiest time of the year for us, simply because we just can’t get enough of the weather!
logo As an organization we have been focusing our attention on SAFETY for both staff and participants, and have some very fun, exciting and unique opportunities recently. Officers Moser, and Officer Register joined both our Community Integration program, as well as our staff meeting to talk with us about “Driver’s Safety.”  They reviewed the importance of the “Rules of the Road” and why cell phone use and texting are so dangerous!

We have had a couple of wonderful trainings from the Rock Springs Fire Department, to talk with us aboutchoking, and to refresh our knowledge on the procedure to follow if we are ever faced with that situation!
Catheryn Miller, Team Lead for Employment Services, has recently been sent through training in Salt Lake City, Utah to become a certified CPR & First Aid Instructor for Life Skills Wyoming! Congratulations, Caty for a job well done, and for becoming our very own instructor! She has also put together a safety training for our work crew(s) to work them on their safety awareness while on the job, and to refresh their memory about the best health and safety practices while at work! There is never “too much” safety!!
CARF GoldSeal 108pxWe are gearing up for our 2 CARF review in 2016! Logan has been a wonderful boss, and has provided us with a generous amount of his precious time, to teach us about CARF and all of the wonderful processes that go hand in hand with that! Recently, he took his four team leads to Las Vegas, Nevada to the CARF 101 conference! It was a wonderful experience! We are grateful, and excited to work for such a wonderful organization that arms us with the knowledge to not only be successful leaders, but successful individuals as well! Thank You Logan, we appreciate all you do for us!!
June 1 we had another “scrumdiddlyumptious” pancake breakfast with Logan to celebrate his belated birthday with him! It was a lot of fun, and all the laughter was like music to our ears!
Mrs. Hope Richards has created a “Guys” and “Girls” night on one Friday night each month, where some of our folks have the opportunity to engage and interact socially with fellow peers and build continuous and everlasting friendships with one another. These activities range from video games, and dinners out, to make overs and jammie-and-a-movie kind of night! It has been a huge success, thus far! Way to go, Hopie! We sure do love you!

The Summer Movie serious has started. We will be taking our large group on Mondays at 11:30, and our smaller group on Tuesday at 3:15pm. This lasts the duration of summer break.  If your loved one is attending these with us, please make sure they have the $6.00 for their ticket and the popcorn and soda to enjoy during the show! If you have any questions, please contact Anne Swingle at 307-389-2987!

We have kicked the summer off with a great start! We are having soo much “fun in the sun!” So far we have visited our local parks and enjoyed games of kickball, soccer, and volleyball.. But mostly, just being outside and enjoying the company of all of our friends! We do take sunburn seriously though, and apply it frequently to EVERY-
ONE while we are attending these outside activities! We would like
to encourage families to send water bottles with your loved ones,
to help us make sure they are drinking an adequate amount of
water and are staying hydrated!
Our Children’s services will be focusing more on being outdoors, and partaking in summer activities while it’s beautiful and we are able to be out and about. We have Special Olympics Bowling practice starting again the first week of August, and CERT training approaching us in September, but we will be hitting the cooking skills again as the summer comes to a close. If your loved one has any activities that they are really wanting to participate in, please contact me via email tmondragon@sweetwaterhsa.comand let me know! I would love to make as many of these activities happen as possible.

July 11 2015 was International Days at Bunning Park. Many of our staff and persons served volunteered for this event! We assisted with trash pick up, and making sure our community is taken care of! We truly believe in giving back to our community, that does so much for us, and this is one of the biggest opportunities of the year. 
The Life Skills Wyoming annual “Field Day” took place on Tuesday,  July 14
at Garnet Park in Rock Springs! There were water fights, games, field activities and
much, MUCH more!
Stay tuned, and follow our website at for updates and information!
 “Cheyenne Frontier Days”
Our peer vacation for 2015 has been scheduled! This year we will be attending the “Cheyenne Frontier Days”, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We will be departing Rock Springs July 19 and returning July 24.  We will be attending the “Big and Rich”, & “Aerosmith” concerts, and of course, the Rodeo is on the books!
We have booked the Embassy Suites in Loveland, Colorado, where we will live life luxuriously in all out suites, and enjoy the fresh, made to order breakfast each morning! We will fill our days with the activities and excitement-taking place around us in the Fort Collins and Loveland area! The trip cost for this are set at $600, with motel rooms and attraction fees included. We do ask that additional “walking around money” and money for meals is sent! If this is something your loved one plans to attend, please contact Program Manager Anne Swingle at 389-2987 and let her know! We are collecting money now, and space is limited!

Special O emblemSpecial Olympics Bowling practice will resume the first week of August 2015. Area dates are still to be determined, but the tentative dates for State Games are set for October 7,8 and 9 in Casper, Wyoming. Keep your eyes peeled for further upcoming information!

Our Annual Life Skills Wyoming “Prom” is on the calendar for Friday, November 202015 at the Young at Heart Senior Center in Rock Springs. 
The theme for this year’s prom is “Masquerade.” 
Tickets will be $25 for singles or $40 for couples, and will include dinner. Tickets are available at our Life Skills Wyoming office, and will be required for entrance! If you have any questions, please contact Trista ( or Hope (!
This is our biggest event of the year, and we are looking forward to hearing it from you!

Have a favorite Life Skills memory?? Did Life Skills “make your dream come true?” How about a funny story? How has Life Skills made an impact on YOU?! We would LOVE to hear about al of these wonderful things! If you find yourself with a few spare minutes, please stop by our office and record a short video sharing your favorites with US! If you’re super busy, and don’t think you can find time to slip away, that’s okay too!! Find us online at and share these in our “BLOG!”
We want to send out another THANK YOU to our biggest fans and greatest supporters of the “2015 Sweetwater County Jackalope Jump”. We had a wonderful turnout, and man were = there some great costumes!

Ms. Courtney Bellreceived an “Outstanding Award” for "Most Money Raised by an Individual

 Mr. John Cole and Family won the "Most Money Raised by a Team"  

Mr. Josh Mace took the "Best Costume" with his highly popular "Sully" from Monsters Inc., 

Our one-of-a-kind Life Skills Wyoming Family took the cake for "Biggest Team Jump"     

 Thank-you to everyone who joined us, and who took the time to raise money for such a great cause! We are eager to get started for our 2016 Jump! Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for more information.
Juno’s Corner
 As the months get hotter, I would like to share a few tips on staying hydrated through the summer months, according to . It’s super important to make sure all of my four legged furry friends are staying hydrated, and as cool as possible, but even more important that their mom’s and dad’s are taking care of themselves too!
*Keeping the body hydrated helps the heart more easily pump blood through the blood vessels to the muscles. And, it helps the muscles work efficiently. “If you’re well hydrated, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard,” said John Batson, M.D, a sports medicine physician with Low Country Spine & Sport in Hilton Head Island, S.C., and an American Heart Association volunteer.
*If you want to know exactly how much fluid you need, Batson recommends weighing yourself before and after exercise, to see how much you’ve lost through perspiration. It’s a particular good guide for athletes training in the hot summer months. For every pound of sweat you lose, that’s a pint of water you’ll need to replenish,” Batson said, adding that it’s not unusual for a high school football player, wearing pads and running through drills, to lose 5 pounds or more of sweat during a summer practice.
*For most people, water is the best thing to drink to stay hydrated. Sources of water also include foods, such fruits and vegetables, which contain a high percentage of water. Sports drinks with electrolytes, may be useful for people doing high intensity, vigorous exercise in very hot weather, though they tend to be high in added sugars and calories.
                    Eye On Talent..

sc   Hi I would like to tell you people about what I do for a living
  • First: I work at Albersons in Rock Springs and I live in Rock Springs
  • Seconds: on my days off I wake up in the morning and do my chores, do my bills, and work out at the Rec Center.
  • Thired: sometimes I hang out with my father he lives in Green River
  • Fourth: and sometimes I tried to hang out with my brother and he also lives in Green River
  •  Fiveth: usely I really love visiting with Life Skills a lot. Sixth: And last but not lest I love all of the staffs about how they are doing jobs.       -Shawn Cole
mc I love to live on a Ranch
morning Do chores nite do chores
I have a CAT his name is Riley
We have 3 goats 1 sheep a pig and Dogs and Cats and out Door Cats I feed.  
There is another Ranch I go to the K3 Ranch that is where I go to help Brand Calfs   After we Brand we have lunch I stayed overnight at K3 and Brand next day We have a lot of help!       _ Mary C     
     Taunya Sloat's Art Work

MARCH 2015
“There needs to be a lot more emphasis on what a child CAN DO instead of what he cannot do.”
-Temple Grandin
21Greetings! What a beautiful year this has turned out to be! Three months in, and we are “LOVIN’ IT”!! We have so many wonderful, exciting things to share with you, but before we do…How many of you that received last months newsletter, read it, noticed that a portion of it was upside down, and assumed we made a printing error?!?!  That is actually not true, it was done on purpose! We wanted to give you an opportunity to see things, and try to read them, the way that someone with autism or other disabilities might see them! It’s magnificent, really… to know that individuals are able to achieve and conquer such struggles and challenges, and yet, are still successful!
1We have many new faces and families that have climbed aboard with the “Life Skills Wyoming” Family! We honestly couldn’t be happier to have you, and are THRILLED to have the opportunity to work with all of you, and help make a difference in your lives! So with that, WELCOME!! We are anxious to see what the future holds in store for all of us!
2What about that Super bowl game?!!? Oh my goodness! I don’t think we will ever understand the last play of that game, but WHAT A GAME!!  We had a HUGE turnout for our Super bowl Party! There were soo many peopled crammed in our office, we had the game on in different rooms so we could all fit! How awesome is that!! We had yelling, screaming, cheering, laughing, crying! You name it! I think I speak for the majority of us when I say it took a couple days to regain my voice!! We are already anxiously awaiting football season!

Final score from
University of Phoenix Stadium
New England 28,
Seattle 24



Okay…now onto even better information! February was a BLAST! Several of our folks were able to attend the WWE Wrestling event in Salt Lake City, Utah! We had a fancy little suite all to ourselves, great seats! But the BEST PART?!?! We had a once in a lifetime opportunity to go behind the scenes and meet the one and only DOLPH ZIGGLER, have pictures taken, and even a few autographs!! Truly a memorable event that will last a lifetime!!




Life Skills Wyoming has scheduled their annual “Friends and Families”shindig!
It will be taking place MARCH 20 2015 from 6 to 830pm in the Atrium of WWCC.
There will be a DJ, live entertainment, and of course, a wonderful meal!

2Dinner at this event will be:
                                    Braised Beef,
                                    Mashed Potatoes,
                                    Roasted Veggies,
                             and Dessert!

We are asking a $10/per person fee for those attending that plan to eat! Please contact our office 922-8543 and let one of our Team Leads know if you and your family plan to attend! We can’t wait to hear from you!


 “Cheyenne Frontier Days”
Our peer vacation for 2015 has been scheduled! This year we will be attending the “Cheyenne Frontier Days”,  in Cheyenne, Wyoming. We will be departing Rock Springs July 19 and returning July 24.  We will be attending the “Big and Rich”, & “Aerosmith”, and of course, the Rodeo is in the books! We will be staying at the Embassy Suites in Loveland, Colorado. We will fill our days with the activities and excitement-taking place around us in the Fort Collins and Loveland area! The trip fees for this are set at $600, plus “walking around money” and money for meals! If this is something your loved one plans to attend, please contact Program Manager Anne Swingle at 389-2987 and let her know!


Our Valentines Day Party was a HIT! We had wonderful games, great music and fabulous food…and of course, all with the best company in town! It is truly remarkable to see all of the beautiful new faces attending these events, and joining our Life Skills Family! We are so excited to be adding all of you to our family!


1St. Patrick’s Day party is scheduled to beMarch 17, 2015 at Santa Fe Trails from 4 to 6pm!
We would love to see all of you in attendance! Please be sure to bring money for food and  beverage if you and/or your loved one plan to eat!
Any questions, please contact our Team Leads, (Hope, Trista, Caty or Michele) at 307-922-8543!

Special Olympics practiceis being held every Tuesday and Thursday from 3pm to 5pm at the Family Recreation Center in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  The sports that will be offered this season will be basketball, track, aquatics and weight lifting. Dates for State games are May 7th-9th 2015 in Laramie Wyoming.  You can check the website, to sign up for special email alerts and updates! Life Skills has reserved rooms at the Holiday Inn in Laramie, breakfast is included in the cost of the rooms. As more information is made available, we will be sure to share it with you! Keep your eyes pealed, and your ears open!


The 2015 Sweetwater County
Special Olympics
Jackalope Jump
is underway.
The Jackalope Jump date is set for April 11, 2015 in the parking lot of the White Mountain Mall at 11 am. We will soon be accepting donations for this event, and are anticipating a much higher turnout this year! We would love to see more of our Life Skills Wyoming Families and Supporters jumping this year. Keep your eyes peeled for more information as it becomes available!  Our “First Giving 2015” webpage is up @  
Feel free to visit it to make donations, and help support Special Olympics Wyoming.

JumpDB leap 

**Important Dates To Remember
  • ·      March 17 St. Patrick’s Day
  • ·      March 20 Friends and Family Night WWCC $10.00/person for dinner
  • ·      April 11 Jackalope Jump
  • ·      April 18  Special Olympics Area games in Afton (basketball)
  • ·      April 25 Special Olympics Swim meet in Pinedale
  • ·      May 7-9 State Special Olympic games

  • ·      Peer Vacation July 19-24 Cheyenne Frontier Days Cost is $600. Food and “walking       around money” is additional.