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Participant’s Rights
1.     I have the same rights all citizens have, unless some of those rights have been restricted or
        taken away by a judge, a legal guardian, because of my age, or due to emergency conditions. 

2.     No one has the right to hurt me, take advantage of me, or ignore my needs.

3.     If I am under age 18, I still have the fundamental right to be free of abuse, neglect, and 
        exploitation. My parent (natural guardian) or legal guardian, though, must give consent for me
        in matters of my service or medical treatment plans, medical, financial and sexual matters.  At
        the age of 18, however, I become an adult and am assumed to be competent unless otherwise 
        determined by a court.

4.     I have the right to be free from undue restraints that are mechanical, physical, or the use of a 
        drug. If I need to have restraints, I have the right to expect written procedures in my plan of
        care and that all of my providers are trained in these procedures.

5.     I have the right to be free from seclusion, and my provider cannot use seclusion to punish me.

6.     I have the right to live and receive services in the least restrictive environment--where I can
        make as many of my own decisions as possible. This may be with my family, with friends,
        alone, or where people are trained to help me. 

7.     I have the right to move freely in and outside of my residence in accordance with the services
        and support pages on my plan of care.

8.     I have the right to privacy during services and care of personal needs, such as in matters of 
        toileting and bathing. 

       a.     If there are restrictions to this right because of my disability, age, or health and safety 
               needs, I still have the right to the highest level of dignity and respect and the restriction 
               shall be described in my plan.

       b.    I have the right to on-going training and support in order to perform as much of my
              care tasks as possible by myself.

       c.     I have the right to insurances that another person, including staff, does not violate my 
               privacy unless I ask for their help.

9.     I have the right to individually tailored support services, which reflect my needs and desires.

10.  I have the right to participate in my own plan of care development, to be informed of my 
       treatment program, its development or changes, and the results of examinations, evaluations and 
       assessments. I have the right to participate in decisions made about those plans.  My team and I 
       will develop a plan at least once every year and review it at six months or more often, if needed.

11.  I have the right to have assistance in knowing about, securing, and retaining basic entitlements, 
       community resources, or services for which I am eligible.

12.  I have the right to own, choose, and wear my own clothing.

13.  I have the right to keep and spend money. It may be restricted by a representative payee, as a 
       consequence on my plan if agreed upon by me or my guardian, or if my account requires two 
       signatures.  I may request training from my providers in managing my money, but a provider is not 
       required to give me assistance.

14.  I have the right to send and receive unopened mail.  If I need assistance to open, read, or send, I 
       along with my team members will describe in my plan how I want to be assisted.

15.  I have the right to receive visitors and to communicate and associate with persons of my choice. 
        If  this right is restricted by a legal guardian, judge, or provider, then the restriction shall be 
       described in my plan and I shall be informed of the specifics to the restriction.

16.  If I live with other waiver participants in a home with staff, I may help make decisions about my 
       home, including the location of my room, furnishings, and have input on with whom I live.

17.  I can choose to participate or not participate in any activity within my home or in the community.

18.  I have the right to practice my faith and religion.

19.  I have the right to go to public school until the end of the school year that I reach age 21.

20.  I have the right to be informed of and give my consent to medical, sexual or financial issues. If I 
       am unable to fully understand and give consent by myself, I still have the right to be informed of 
       my decision responsibilities, the possible risks, and to assist my guardian in making these 

21.  Only a judge can give me a guardian.  That guardian may be a parent or another adult. This 
       hearing is considered due process.

22.  I have the right to receive medical treatment.  Unless ordered by a court order or required by my 
       guardian, I can refuse medical treatment, medication, or drugs used as restraints.

23.  I have a right to confidentiality of my personal information and records.

       a.     Controlled access to my personal information and medical records is outlined in Chapter 45 
               Provider Certification and Sanctions and in HIPAA regulations.

       b.    Information about me shall not be released to persons who have no legal right to it.

       c.     Emergency personnel may have access to critical information about me due to health and 
               safety matters.

24.  I can change my mind about any or all of the services I receive, unless I have a guardian. 

25.  I have the right to be free from any and all forms of exploitation, including financial exploitation.

26.   I have the right to be free from abuse including humiliation and/or intimidation.

27.  I have the right to review my records.

28.   I have the right to be referred to legal services; should I need a further explanation of my rights 
        Life Skills would refer me to seek legal counsel.

29.   I have the right to receive concurrent services from a multitude of service providers should I so 

30.  I have the right to be referred to self-help or additional advocacy support services or service 

31.  I have the right to be treated ethically at all times; including right to research projects adherence 
       to legal & ethical research guidelines and application of fundamental ethical principles.

32.  Right to investigation and resolution of any alleged infringement of my rights.
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