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Thanks for all of your teams hard work. -Joan James
Your crew did an amazing job! 
I will be recommending you!!   - Beckie Fox                          


June 18th, 2014

Comments made during a survey to check for quality

    “The work crew is doing very well and if they miss something I tell them and the crew takes care of it right away." “I can’t be happier” “ he crew makes my life easier". Bob said he doesn’t compliment anyone because he hates everything, but Life Skillsis a wonderful company and he tells everyone this.    Bob wants us to know he always worries when we change staff like when we went to Josh then to Troy and now to John but changing of staff has never been a problem either. They are all great that includes John. Snow shoveling has also been wonderful, sometimes they’ve shoveled twice in one day.        Bob Nelson

The work crew is very nice! They are doing a great job! The crew comes when they are supposed to and they do a good job!             Carolyn Malsom  

The work crew is terrific!      Anne Lumsden


                                According to 
                     Our 2013 CARF Survey 
                   Comments made about us!

CARF GoldSeal 108px“Family Like”

“Parents feel very included”

“The staff members are proactive about plans and incidents and work with the parents for resolution. They are very responsive to needs for change.”

“They are very welcoming”

“The participants have lots of fun!”

“The organization communicates very well with case managers.”

“It is not top-heavy”

“My son has come out of his shell and has become more independent.”

“They work around family schedules.”

“I wouldn’t have her any place else”

“Life Skills picks up the slack in their lives. It all them to have dreams.”

“They are good advocates. They fought hard for her motorized wheelchair and were told no more than once.”

“Life Skills does things for the families and participants it doesn’t need to do.”

“They honor the rights of their participants better than any organization I have ever known.”

     For the past few months we have had the privilege to partner with the 

organization Life Skills in Wyoming, and a few of you have had the opportunity to

work with some new faces that take part in this program. Their agency provides 

training services through the State of Wyoming, Division of Developmental 

Disabilities Adult, Children, and ABI Waiver programs, and theWyoming 

Department of Health. Their focus is on providing a training environment that 

promotes independence, community inclusion, and social growth. Through our 

partnership they have given us the honor to work with four new individuals.

     We thank them and their job coaches for being so helpful and making a difference at our hospital!  February 2008 Review