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Life Skills Wyoming

Life Skills foundersbegan serving individuals in 1998 on an independent basis.  Today Life Skills provides supports and services to over 40 children and adults with disabilities on an annual basis, and is one of Sweetwater County’s few provider tailored primarily for those residing in independent living situations, and residential home placements further promoting independence and providing maximum community inclusion.  Life Skills is known for its hands on approach to tackling difficult situations and creating opportunities in the community for job placement, advocacy, and coordination of services between agencies.  Life Skills is widely recognized for its individually tailored approach to those we serve.

Mission Statement:

     Developing purpose and passion, while fostering independence for individuals with intellectual disabilities and acquired brain injury (ABI).

LSW’s progressive ideals and philosophy reflects three dimensions which contribute to its mission statements, and define the purposes of the organization, and its intended contributions, to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities.
means to nurture, enrich, and develop, through education and information, those we serve in order to reach their maximum potential.
means to promote self-advocacy and responsibility in order to become a contributing member of the community, creating the greatest choice, freedom, and opportunity for individuals with disabilities.
means active participation and contribution to one’s community through employment, participating in community activities and programs, and creating a meaningful existence that is both fulfilling and productive.

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